Thank You Celebration!


WE DID IT. I am proud to share that I have been voted in and elected by our community to serve on our Mar Vista Community Council. Thank you again to all those who supported me during this journey and now help me begin this new chapter. As my very first run for public office, I am excited about the opportunity our local community has given me to bring representation to new energy, ideas, and diversity to our Council. I am also reminded of the continuous need we have to bridge strong divides and both build and appreciate inclusivity within our neighborhoods. Our communities are stronger when everyone is engaged! I want to say THANK YOU. 



With pride, appreciation, and humility, yesterday’s election day couldn’t have been better. We had several volunteers, countless hugs, handshakes and even hand-picked roses from neighbors, and excited optimism from our community.

THANK YOU to my team of volunteers and all supporters, and especially my fierce colleagues part of our #marvistamakeswaves group. We worked hard and by breaking the record of voter turnout numbers and running one of the most diverse set of candidates, we made history yesterday. Stay tuned for final results next week!


We launched our Campaign!

It’s Official! We launched our Campaign with the community, friends & family! 

THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO JOINED, DONATED, AND SUPPORT! Inspired by my former boss Barack Obama, motivated by my neighbors and the need to bring representation to the Council, and committed to Building Healthy, Vibrant and Safe Communities, I’m running in this local race toward our election on JUNE 2! This is my first run for office, and I know there’s a lot of hard work ahead. For anyone with friends in the area, please encourage them to contact me or vote! I also welcome all volunteer support during the next 7 weeks–doors, texts, calls, media! Thanks again and please reach out for any questions or to donate!


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