Why I Serve Mar Vista

Andrea was successfully elected thanks for community support on June 2, 2019. As an At-Large Director on the Mar Vista Community Council, she engages residents, businesses, schools and organizations in the community.

  • Andrea previously served as the 2nd Vice Chair of the standing Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in 2019.
  • She now serves as C0-Chair of a temporary Ah Hoc Committee for COVID-19 Response.

Mar Vista is one of the most exciting, growing districts in LA, and where Andrea and her family have called home for over 20 years. Andrea believes in giving a voice to communities, and wants to infuse her experience working on the frontlines of national and state policymaking to build and nurture Healthy, Vibrant and Safe Communities in the neighborhood. Andrea uses her solutions oriented-approach to provide valuable perspective to the Mar Vista Community Council, L.A. City leaders and our government.


Let’s Build and Nurture Healthy, Vibrant, and Safe Communities Together



Healthy Communities

  • Andrea supports more green, open space and sustainability planning for balanced growth, collaborating with homeowners, renters, schools and businesses.

Vibrant Communities

  • Andrea promotes local businesses, workers, and neighborhood organizations, and engage government leaders to build our official Community Plan, to maintain the character of our neighborhood while providing perspective on new developments.

  • Andrea appreciates and seeks to recognize the diversity of our residents and businesses.  She supports small businesses and workers, including entrepreneurs and self-employed or remote workers working and living in the community. She explores incentives to attract and sustain businesses and growth and support a strong local economy.

Safe Communities

  • Andrea prioritizes safe streets, parks, homes, and workplaces by connecting with local non-profits and public safety officials.  She recognizes the growing need for housing and curbing homelessness, and works to support affordable, permanent housing options.  Andrea also explores methods to ensure traffic safety for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists.




See Andrea’s Community Flyer from last year below!


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